Eniro sea charts


Eniro is one of Swedens largest companies in local search. Eniro was originally very heavily invested in print as they were responsible for the telephone book. The concept of searching for “name” and “number” is a heritage that influence the perception of the services the company offers today. We wanted to distance our self from this idea and started to develop the concept of packaging our existing data about local business in new ways.


Sweden has a large archipelago with a serious amount of islands. The marine life is a huge part of the population and it’s estimated that there’s over a million leisure boats. That means that one in six people spend part of the free time in a marine environment.

We came up with the idea of pairing free charts with the ability of searching for various products and services. Fuel, guest harbors and hotels were some of the categories.

Initially we started with an app designed for iPhone. One of the limitations of the device in that environment was that the screen really is too small to get a favourable sense of direction when viewing the map. We solved this by implementing an augmented reality function so that the user could hold the screen up to the horizon and actually see the direction of the target.

After completing the phone apps for both iOS and Android we continued to create a more immersive experience for iPad. Here I felt that we had the opportunity to express our self a bit more and create a product that not only solved a problem but also gave the user a more pleasurable experience. I designed a user interface inspired by classical 50’s racer boats with analog indicators, leather and a feeling of luxury.




Download here: Eniro på sjön HD, Eniro på sjön, Eniro på sjön för Android