Rejta is a rating service where users can voice their opinions regarding everything from restaurants to car service specialists. Rejta is part of Eniro which is one of Swedens largest companies in local search. The greatest benefit with Rejta is the user created content that brings an added value to local search.

Rejta wanted to expand into mobile with apps for both iOS and Android. After market research we found that users who like to participate and voice the opinions, more commonly do so in a mobile environment. They want to rate the company immediately after the transaction or service is completed. We also identified a large group of individuals who use Rejta to find new great companies, for example restaurants on the go.


We started with creating a wire frame and rapid visual prototype. Then we divided all the functionality into “Need to have” and “Nice to have” groups. We felt that iOS was the premiere platform to initiate on, because it had the largest user base and most potential of reaching critical mass. It would also be a great way to verify our findings in the initial market research.

After a successful launch of the iOS app we started to create the app for Android. Both platforms has it’s pros and cons, but one of the biggest for me as a designer was the fact that Google hasn’t really set a standard for their applications UI. This was a huge challenge for us as we had to identify some kind of a design pattern through out the Android app store.

Download here: Rejta for iPhone, Rejta for Android