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Andreas Hellqvist

Digital creative from Stockholm, Sweden. Please visit my webpage at

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Andreas Hellqvist

Art Director and graphic designer from Stockholm

Digital strategy

NCC digital brand identity and design of responsive web


NCC is one of the biggest construction companies in the Nordics. They have around 18.5k employees and prides themselves with the fact that they can construct entire sustainable societies. They can build everything from roades to production facilities and homes for people. This of course adds to the complexity of creating digital services for them Read More

Andreas Hellqvist case image Eniro på sjön

Eniro sea charts


Eniro is one of Swedens largest companies in local search. Eniro was originally very heavily invested in print as they were responsible for the telephone book. The concept of searching for “name” and “number” is a heritage that influence the perception of the services the company offers today. We wanted to distance our self from Read More

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Spray concepts


Spray is one of Swedens oldest social media sites. We were conducting some strategy work regarding their future brand development, and these are some of the concepts I developed for Spray. One was to streamline their offers and optimize the user experience. Another was to turn Spray into a life style magazine type web service Read More